Cane Corso – previous breedings

Below are some of our meritorious and award-winning breeding dogs with their litters. Also take a look at the photo section to see their lovely puppies.


Litter born September 2, 2022. Six wonderful mischievous Cane Corso puppies for sale for delivery October 31st. Merited and award-winning parents. Pictures of our little newcomers can be found here.  


Puppy litter born 14 February. Five beautiful Cane Corso puppies for sale for delivery no earlier than March 11. Merited and award-winning parents. We have three bitches and two males. Pictures of some of our little newcomers can be found here.

Eight beautiful Cane Corso puppies! A wonderful start to spring! January 10, we welcomed a new little group of lively Cane Corso puppies. 4 bitches and 4 males, all with gray fur. Patient mother is lovely Jana Deminiko Vittoria Casa. And the deserved Dad Outch du Regne de Malaudrea. A beautiful litter. The puppies are ready for delivery on March 7.


Cane Corso: Five lovely puppies born May 2, 2021. Two bitches and three males. See the puppies here. Ready for delivery June 30. Merited parents are fine Gaytana Strajano and Zefir Crazy Clan. Gaytana’s pedigree here and Zefir’s pedigree here.


Cane Corso puppies: Five wonderful mischievous puppies, one male and four females Ready for delivery 28 February. Parents are qualified AnnicaNina’s Jasmin and AnnicaNina’s Zefir. See pedigrees here.


  French Bulldog Puppies! Our beloved French bulldogs Willma and Dron have become parents. Both with fine pedigrees. Two bitches and three males born 13 September. November litter now sold. You can see photos of the litter under Aktuellt 2020.   News! Our nice litter with Cane Corso puppies with merited parents. Four males and two females. October litter sold.