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Stuff to think about before buying a dog…

A checklist if you are going to buy a dog:

1. Make sure that you get to see the mother of the puppies when you are visiting a dog breeder. According to Swedish law you must not separate her from her puppies before they are 8 weeks old. The puppies must not be moved during the first week of life.

2. Ask about the recessive diseases that exist in the breed and whether the parents (or at least one of them) are tested / genetically free. Also ask about things like X-rays of the parent animals, keep in mind that dogs x-rayed abroad usually have a better result than if they were x-rayed in Sweden. Depending on which breed you are interested in, there may also be DNA tests or other health examinations such as eye examinations etc. to be done.

3. Ask for the registration number (or to see the pedigree) of the parents! That’s the proof that they’re purebred!

4. Spend a few extra hours checking out the breeder for your future mate. Are they knowledgeable and serious? Can they answer your questions?

5. The mother of a litter of puppies must have turned 18 months old at the time of mating, it is not, under any circumstances, okay to let a younger bitch go into breeding!

6. That someone’s bitch is sweet and kind is NOT a reason why she has to breed. A breeding bitch must meet more requirements than that.

7. If it’s an older puppy or adult dog being sold by someone other than the breeder, be even more careful! Does it have a chip? Paper? Vaccinations? Why is it sold? Veterinarian inspected? Unbroken insured? Etc.
If the latter two are not correct, it can be an expensive mistake if it is not taken care of from the beginning.

8. If the puppy don’t have papers and registration you can never participate in any shows and tests.

9. Make sure that the puppy is chip marked and inspected by a veterinarian a maximum of 7 days before you pick up, this is an important condition for the puppy to be able to have adequate insurance for the rest of his life !! Here, too, it can otherwise be an EXPENSIVE and boring story.

10. The price: a purebred dog from a serious breeder costs in Sweden today approx. 15-30,000kr

Do you see ads of SEK 30-50,000 for a dog with fake or no papers or unknown background, just say that you are serious and must think carefully about the matter !! If it feels totally wrong – report to the police.

11. False marketing! Many people come up with new breed names when they do something as simple as a mixed breed, to make it seem more exclusive.

Sometimes ads says things like: the dogs are on the whole perfect and require minimal to no care and training.
Do not go for it! Long-haired dogs will become dull if not cared for, it’s that simple. All dogs can get sick and all dogs need to be trained to learn things and be happy.

Do not be afraid to ask questions to the breeders or those who have experience of the breed. The breed club knows all about the dogs and is good to contact if you have any questions.

Also keep in mind that sometimes you have to be prepared to travel many miles to pick up your puppy and sometimes you are allowed to wait a long time before you get the right dog.