Merry Christmas to AnnicaNina’s latest delightfully mischievous litter.
Ready for delivery after January 12.


Geraldine’s puppies are growing and doing important things like crawling, eating and sleeping. 

Pictures from our October litter with eight sweet Amstaff puppies and their mom, lovely Geraldine.
Our six latest mischievous Cane Corso Puppies, soon old enough to move to their forever home.

Five lovely confident little Cane Corso puppies ready for delivery 11/3. They have started to discover the big world and are really keen on adventure.

Now it’s time for the January litter to leave us and their mother.
Eight wonderful gray Cane Corso puppies that will grow up into big beautiful and strong dogs. Here you can see some of the mischievous puppies.

AnnicaNina’s hungry little amstaff puppies from R litter 2021. Born 9 July. Six boys and a girl.

Five wonderful little Cane Corso puppies, born May 2, 2021.
Two bitches and three males.


Puppies born 14 November.
Nice with a very own veranda, the question is if you dare to take another step?!

CANE CORSO puppies born May 2018

Ever so new, out in nature.

First ”steps” outside.

Handsome guy, four weeks old.